Social Media Monitor

The Social Media Monitor provides an overview of the social media data from actors that participated in the German federal election 2017. Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia accounts of politicians and organizations are internally associated; therefore, it is possible to explore their activity and the activity related to them. The data includes general public tweets that were collected using a list of "selectors" (or "keywords") described here, and text-based search are possible on the content of all the messages (i.e. tweets, posts, comments, wikipedia changes) across the different collections.

The Web Monitor Interface presents basic visualizations calculated directly from the availabe data, and personalized queries can be perform through the Politicians API and the Organizations API. The APIs include the associations of social media accounts for politicians and organizations and queries to the contento of all collections and platforms. The R and Python Jupyter Notebooks reproduce the visualizations of the web monitor to illustrate API use (also available as a Github repository).

Accounts are grouped in three types of collections


2521 politicians related to the German federal election 2017. As of February 2019, ~16M tweets, ~6.5 Facebook comments, and ~0.35M Wikipedia changes have been collected. Access this through the Politicians API.


691 german media outlets and political parties. As of February 2019, ~43M tweets, ~34.5M Facebook comments, and ~0.7M Wikipedia changes have been collected. Access this through the Organizations API.

General Public Tweets

237 political keywords on Twitter to capture the general public opinion. As of February 2019, ~83M tweets have been collected. For convenience, you can access this through endpoints on both the Politicians API and the Organizations API.

Tracking three social media platforms

Since July 2017, the tweets of (and replies to) politicians and organizations are being collected, as well as tweets of the general public that were filter using a curated list of 217 political keywords.

Facebook pages, posts, comments and reactions (e.g. likes) of politicians and organizations have been scrapped and collected from the opening of the accounts until February 2018.

Views, undos, conflict, and change objects of the politicians and organizations Wikipedia pages are collected using WikiWho since the creation of each pages.

Cite Our Work

If you use the data for your own research, please consider citing the following publication.

If you used Twitter or Facebook Data:
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If you used Wikipedia Data:
Flöck, Fabian, and Maribel Acosta. "Wikiwho: precise and efficient attribution of authorship of revisioned content." Proceedings of the 23rd international conference on World wide web. ACM, 2014. (pdf)

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